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Mana Punch

Eva Arianrhod

Mana Punch is a third-person, action/brawler game in which the player character equips various spells to their body, in order to augment their fighting abilities.

Players assume the role of Eva Arianrhod, an incarcerated criminal who is convicted of using magic unnecessarily and is now thrown into the world of fighting for entertainment within a high-security prison. Within these coliseum-like matches the environment changes altering the terrain of the arena, players will face many obstacles on their way to victory.

Over the course of the game, Eva and her fellow inmates are planning an uprising that will lead them to freedom, as the player and Eva become more powerful the deeper and darker the narrative will go as the power they gain will be immense.

Players can equip themselves with spells they obtain throughout the game or through the shop within the prison. Spells play an important part of combat as dealing them with combos can mean life or death in the arena.

Roles: Systems, UI, and VFX Artist

Punch VFX

Battle with an Ogre

Inventory Screen

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