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What is Junkpunk Arena?

"JunkPunk” is an action-packed, punk-inspired, junk and wire robotic combat game that focuses on you, a junkyard mechanic. In your spare time, you create robots built to compete in underground combat tournaments. Build your robot to suit your playstyle, and compete in the arena, where robots rip each other apart piece by piece in hack-slash-and-shoot brawl, while you compete for fame and glory. Will you be at the bottom of the bin, or the top of the trash heap?

Check out the trailer!


My Contributions

I implemented all of the UI screens. I was in charge of hooking up the UI to existing systems. I worked closely with the UI Designer to create UI screens with User Experience in mind.


This was the first time being a dedicated UI Programmer on a project and it was super fun. The UI Designer and I built a solid pipeline that allows me to quickly add in the UI and its functionality.  

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